Enabling Engineering Breakthroughs that Lead to a Better Tomorrow


彩神88vl官网的 team members enable the breakthroughs that make the world work better. We solve customers’ complex challenges so they can make the world a better place. We design systems, we manufacture quality products safely, we support each other in our daily work, we help our communities thrive. Every day, all of our team members have a role to play in helping to improve the lives of people everywhere.


彩神88vl官网的 broad and diverse range of hydraulics, pneumatics, electromechanical, filtration, process control, climate control, fluid and gas handling, and engineered materials technologies support advancements in a wide range of aerospace, industrial and mobile equipment applications. As we look to the future, changes in how people live, developments in technology and dynamic markets depend on a partner that advances modern progress. Parker is that partner.


彩神88vl官网的 team members make it possible for Parker to achieve its goals, to solve the engineering breakthroughs with the broadest implications in the real world. In turn, we position our team members to lead, to thrive and to be there for their communities. Purpose helps us do that.


  • Winning Culture

    We insist on integrity and ethical behavior and we value compassion, respect and inclusion in all aspects of our global business. We seek to raise the quality of life through responsible, global stewardship.

  • Valued Customers

    We partner with our customers to increase their productivity and profitability, ensuring their success as well as ours. We are committed to serving our customers through innovation, value creation and the highest quality system solutions.

  • Passionate People

    We are empowered – every idea counts and every role has a voice. We are committed to safety and realize the value of our collective efforts. We believe our strength comes from the relationships and trust we establish with each other, our customers, suppliers, distributors and the world we serve.

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