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On the move, in the air, maximising business success in an ever-shrinking world. For organisations these days, a corporate fleet isn't always a luxury; it can be an essential business tool.

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We recognise a growing need to enable key personnel to travel further, even more efficiently. Our solutions enable biz jet manufacturers and operators to enhance journey safety and comfort, increase efficiency and minimise downtime for corporate jets, while also seeking to maximise ROI.

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We provide technical excellence, processing know-how, skilled manufacturing and proven integration experience.

For example:

We are one of only a few companies that can provide complete integrated braking systems including the wheels, brakes and brake control element. The Ebrake® was the first electric braking system to fly successfully on a commercial aircraft with no hydraulic fall-backs. Our latest advanced design is used on the Airbus A220 (formerly the Bombardier C-series) where the electronic actuator is one of the most compact, yet efficient of its kind.

Our airborne video cameras are in service on business jets and large commercial aircraft worldwide for a variety of interior and exterior applications, such as ground manoeuvring during taxi and cabin surveillance.

Our vibration and condition monitoring systems enable you to improve aircraft health management, with accelerated diagnosis, system prognostics and health monitoring. They also improve fleet management systems, allowing you to make advanced decisions and plan spare parts management. Technical personnel can use our systems to detect serious problems at an early stage helping them to perform maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime.

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