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Ground vehicles

Meeting priorities out in the field is what our products are designed to do, from helping to protect people and vehicles to creating systems that are working when you need them most.

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We work closely with a number of major defence companies worldwide. Whether it is our engineers at the forefront of developing state-of-the-art systems or our clear understanding of what the market needs, Meggitt expertise comes together to create powerful, practical solutions.

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When it comes to safety, our technological advances that keep those in the field of combat safer range from self-sealing fuel tanks that literally repair themselves, to the world’s most accurate and reliable fire detection and protection systems. Our thermal control systems help to ensure that when is hot outside, personnel inside can keep their cool so they can do their job.

Cool, calm and collected

We have been providing ground combat systems and solutions for over 40 years including supplying over 2,400 Thermal Management Systems (TMS) for the M1A2 Abrams Tank. Our rugged, affordable, complete cooling solutions are being used on some of the most advanced Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV) and military personnel carriers in the world providing cooling to crews, drivers, combat equipment and electronics.

Helping to improve orientation and positioning

We deliver high quality, cost competitive sensors with very high accuracy, resolution and reliability. With their rugged mechanical design, they offer extreme shock resistance, as well as excellent bias and sensitivity stability over temperature and over time.

We also provide electrical power solutions for land vehicles. Meanwhile, our motion control for land vehicle payloads help to improve orientation and positioning for armoured vehicles. We also have in-depth design expertise in inertial smart sensing, meaning we provide a proven solution that can be customised.


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