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Knowledge is power, what if an unseen minor fault at a plant escalates into a major failure? What if a system loses power or shuts down unexpectedly? We understand the key challenges for the industry...and we have applied ourselves to providing powerful solutions for many years.

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Our energy capabilities centre on enabling power plants to work at peak efficiency and safety, minimising the worry of regulatory fines or customer dissatisfaction. With our proven technology, your plants can review, analyse and act on a wealth of information about all your assets in real time. We help make sure plants are running 24/7, that they see minimal downtime and enjoy maximum protection, optimising plant performance and reliability.

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See inside your machine
Today, with 60+ years experience, Meggitt leads the market in sensing and condition monitoring solutions, which are used by OEMS and end users including some of the largest producers of heavy duty gas turbines and hydro users in the world. Our systems ensure optimum productivity from machinery and plant operations.

Precision control
Our control valves and systems and heat exchangers are fitted on all types of industrial gas turbines for both power generation and oil & gas. We specialise in controls for land based gas turbine engines and as Whittaker Controls, we pioneered state-of-the-art, all-electric technologies for power generation and mechanical drive applications.

Our solutions provide high stability in hostile environments including nuclear power plants. As our products can be monitored remotely, they are also ideal if plants are situated in far-flung locations that are hard for teams to reach.

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