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Accelerometers | Vibration Sensors

Accelerometers measure the levels of vibration in an engine or system. They detect faults and prevent potential damage. They enable you to achieve the reliability and accuracy you need for your engine, aircraft, helicopter, UAS, 空间或交通应用.

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From helicopter HUMS, to modern turbofans and cryogenic rocket engines our wide range of accelerometers are the core of all vibration and engine monitoring systems.

We provide the most trusted solutions for the world’s most challenging measurement applications.

Vibro-Meter accelerometers

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The vast majority of current transport aircraft rely on our accelerometers to monitor the condition and health of their engines.

They allow engine manufacturers to fine tune engine for increased efficiency and enable operators to optimise their maintenance.

The vibration data is fed into the Engine Monitoring Unit (EMU) which performs advanced trending, monitoring and prognostic functions.

They can operate in extreme temperatures, -269 to +777°C (516 to 1431°F) – higher than the temperature that aluminium melts at (660°C)

Our piezo-electric accelerometers are ideally suited to a wide range of jet engine (civil and military), helicopter and space applications:

  • gas turbine engine monitoring
  • airframe structure vibration analysis
  • gearbox analysis
  • bearing analysis
  • Health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS)
  • rotor trim and balance
  • propeller balancing
  • auxiliary power unit monitoring
  • cryogenic environments on space applications

We design and manufacture the complete sensor measurement chain (Sensors, Cables, Electronics hardware and associated softwares).

Our engineering team has a vast know-how from analogue pre-processing electronics through to state-of-the-art digital signal processing and diagnostics software. Features include:

  • improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • low and high pass filtering
  • built-in test
  • compatible with multiple electronic systems

High Temperature Piezoelectric (HTPE) Accelerometers and Extreme High Temperature Piezoelectric (EHTPE) Accelerometers for shock and vibration measurement of structures in industrial or laboratory applications involving high temperature, Gamma and Neutron radiation and loose-parts- monitoring systems.

  • Temperature range for HTPE Accels: +750°F (+399°C) to +900°F (+482°C)
  • Temperature range for EHTPE Accels: +1000°F (+538°C) to +1500°F (+815°C)
  • Charge sensitivities ranging from 3 pC/g to 100 pC/g
  • Rugged designs with stud mounting, through bolt or multi-point screw mount.
  • Integral hardline with variable length or integral connectors. Electrical design optimized for use with single ended amplifiers and terminated with a 10-32 coaxial connector or designs for differential charge amplifiers terminated with a 2 pin connectors. The EHTPE Accels are designed to accept a 10KΩ; source resistance and the HTPE Accels are designed to accept 100KΩ; source resistance.
  • Fully complaint to the European Union’s Low Voltage, EMC and RoHS directives.


Cable assemblies for high temperature and nuclear reactor environments requiring resistance to corrosion, humidity and other environmental contaminants.

  • For Differential HTPE Accelerometers – +900°F (+482°C) continuous operation: Rugged hermetically sealed design. The cable over braid not only offers abrasion protection but allows easy bending and forming during cable routing. The cable bend radius is .625 inch (15.9 mm). The cable is designed for use with balanced differential accelerometers that utilize a 7/16-27 two-pin receptacle.
  • For Single Ended HTPE Accelerometers – +900°F (+482°C) continuous operation : Rugged hermetically sealed HARDLINE CABLE design, has a .25 inch (6.4 mm) bend radius. The stainless steel cable jacket is covered with a fiberglass sheath to prevent inadvertent grounding. +1000°F (+538°C) continuous operation : FLEXIBLE CABLE construction allows repeated bending without damage, cable has a .25 inch (6.4 mm) bend radius. The flexibility can improve dynamic response of the sensor system when compared to a hardline cable.
  • An optional 10-32 to 10-32 high temperature cable joiner is available (Model 33268) to mate cables with 10-32 connectors together.
  • Fully complaint to the European Union’s Low Voltage, EMC and RoHS directives.

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We design and manufacture the complete system (vibration accelerometers, hardware and software) thus ensuring the best performance and reliability throughout the overall measurement chain.

Key customers

Our 60+ years of sensor and system expertise means our solutions are trusted by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world. We work hand in hand with our customers to tailor cost-effective solutions to each application.

To discuss what you need in more detail, contact us.

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