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Bleed Air Leak Detection System for Aerospace

Ideal for composite aircraft. Our revolutionary detector network accurately locates potentially catastrophic leaks in bleed air systems. By activating a cockpit alarm, it enables mechanics to find the affected areas fast and with precision.

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Using proprietary chemistry and manufacturing processes, our bleed air leak detection system (BALD) is the most robust on the market. Even under extreme bending, crimping and denting the detector performance is not compromised.

Accurate to within 25mm.

With advanced control unit algorithms we can pinpoint the location of any overheat in the bleed air duct. This enables crews to accurately isolate leaks on the aircraft. On ground, mechanics can quickly find faults, leading to reduced maintenance time.

Our unique sensor design improves stability over a wide temperature range.

Suitable for composite aircraft: sensitive from 80°C (176°F) to 510°C (950°F)

How Does a BALD System Work?

Fitted with coaxial or lugged connectors, the detector wire is brazed to an Inconel 625 high-temperature, corrosion-resistant sheath. The interior core design is surrounded by an ionic compound that changes state when heated to its alarm point, alerting crew and logging position with pinpoint accuracy for maintenance engineers once the aircraft has landed.

Key customers

Our bleed air leak detection systems are well suited to composite aircraft. Current platforms include: Hondajet and the USAF Lockheed C5M fleet retrofit. Our solutions are custom-designed to meet the needs of each specification.

For more information, please visit our specialist site: meggittsafety.com

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