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Brake control systems for Aerospace and Defence

Our simulation and modelling activity forms the basis of the high quality, highly capable software found in our brake control units. We've pioneered and refined these models for 40 years over many diverse programmes. The end result is reduced technical risk, more programme certainty and less commercial exposure.

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We can provide complete integrated braking systems that include the wheels, brakes and brake control element.

Our brake control systems are fitted on over 50 aircraft platforms currently in operation today.

Predicting performance

To predict how a braking system will perform on the runway, we use key data covering everything from tyre dynamics, fore and aft spring rates and the twist of the landing gear under load and how the aircraft as a whole is loaded.

We match this complex array of data to the transfer functions of our parts and simulate takeoffs and landings in our laboratories long before an aircraft gets built.

We know that effective brake control is down to more than each braking system component meeting its spec. To achieve optimum stopping performance without dynamic instability, they must work in perfect harmony. We can therefore integrate and model all the key components:

  • Aircraft simulation
  • Multi-wheel simulation
    • Pitch rotation
    • Longitudinal and vertical motion
    • Aerodynamic properties
  • Landing gear modelling
    • Longitudinal and rotational effects of drag force and brake torque
    • Twist, bogie pitch and shimmy mode options
  • Brake torque modelling
    • Torque/pressure gain
  • Tyre modelling
    • Dynamic spring and damping rates
  • Hydraulics and brake modelling
  • System modelling

We were the first to create a landing gear sequencing and control unit for a military jet; the Eurofighter Typhoon. This breakthrough design is still in production today.

The challenge was to integrate nine sub-systems, with nose wheels, main wheels and carbon brakes, into one compact unit.

What we control

  1. Emergency extension monitoring
  2. Anti-skid control
  3. Pre-retraction braking
  4. Park brake monitor
  5. Gear status indication
  6. Gear sequencing
  7. Brake parachute and arrestor hook monitoring
  8. Weight-on wheels
  9. Brake pressure metering

Our unit is robust and safe. Critical functions and sequencing are split between processes in a push-pull system where events are confirmed by inputs from several sensors. There’s no danger of activating a main gear extension, for example, if the main doors haven’t opened properly.

Whatever your vision of landing gear systems architecture, our integration capability is ready to support it.

A multi-functional control system as a line replaceable module – scaleable and easy to maintain.

Our military integration expertise is now being used for commercial aircraft applications. We understand complex brake control units – most other control and monitoring functions are simple in comparison.

What we control and integrate

  1. Digital brake control
  2. Analogue brake control
  3. Autobraking
  4. Nose wheel steering
  5. Brake temperature monitoring
  6. Landing gear and door indication
  7. Landing gear and door extension and retraction
  8. Hydraulic system monitoring
  9. Hydraulic system control
  10. Tyre pressure monitoring

Whatever your vision of landing gear systems architecture, our integration capability is ready to support it.

For military or civil aerospace, to see the complete range of wheels, brakes and control systems, please visit our specialist site, www.meggitt-mabs.com


Key customers

We are the No 1 supplier of wheels, brakes and brake control systems to the world’s business, regional and military aircraft.

We also have a substantial presence across large jets and in general aviation.

We are at the forefront of brake control systems for unmanned air vehicles in Europe.

At Meggitt, we can provide you with a wheel and braking system that is specifically designed for your application. To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us

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