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Fire Suppression Systems

Globally tried and tested: our fire suppression systems are fitted on virtually every aircraft flying. 40 years of knowledge and experience means we are able to keep weight and size to a minimum, reducing the initial cost to OEMs and the operational cost to airlines.

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Our fire suppression systems are designed and manufactured in-house, specifically for each application. Enquire Now.

A complete fire suppression system using 40 years of integration expertise – enhanced reliability and safety.

On the front line of green fire extinguishing agent development, to drive the future of aerospace fire suppression.

Meggitt fire protection system

With aircraft range increasing over the last decade, we provide customers with suppression systems they can rely on for longer diversions in the event of a cargo fire.

Our systems are equipped with a unique flow-metering design enabling precise release of the suppression agent. This minimises the need to carry unnecessary agent that can increase overall aircraft weight.

Meggitt fire extinguisher

As the industry moves away from Halon, we continue to pioneer new solutions.

With strategic investment in our Applied Research & Technology team and facilities, we are constantly testing and exploring usage and delivery of more sustainable fire suppression agents, designed for extreme temperature and altitude.

This image is a spray fire test before our extinguisher is activated and the extinguishing agent released.

Meggitt fire extinguisher

Our fire extinguishing (or suppression) systems are designed for immediate fire suppression and long-term sustained protection during flight diversions.

The high-rate, multi-shot extinguishing bottles put out fires (engine, APU and cargo) within seconds using directional valves and distribution tubing solutions for total flooding.

The low-rate bottles use a unique metering design that allows the flow of the suppression agent, whether in gas or liquid state, to be metered across a wide range of temperatures.

Aircraft fire protection reliability and safety is improved by our patented temperature-compensated pressure switch which determines whether the fire extinguisher is fully charged, regardless of ambient temperature.

Bottles can be sized anywhere from 164cm3 to 0.04m3 (10 to 2,500in3) and can be made from steel or titanium, depending on weight requirements.

Key customers

Our fire suppression systems are fitted on virtually every aircraft flying (both civil and military).

We have extensive experience in certifying fire protection systems for aircraft.

For more information, please visit our specialist site: meggittsafety.com.

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