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Magnetic & Current Sensors

From the International Space Station to a simple electronic compass, we can provide a solution to meet your magnetic semiconductor needs. The F.W. Bell® product line was founded in 1944. Since then we have been a pioneer in developing instrumentation to measure electric current and magnetic fields.

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Technology leaders in instrumentation

Designing and manufacturing the F.W. Bell® range of gaussmeters, probes, current sensors and Hall generators for over 70 years.

See our range of devices to measure magnetic field or electrical current.

Looking for faster, smaller, feature rich current sensors?

We provide the industry’s most extensive, trusted product line of standard and custom current sensor solutions.

These provide accurate magnetic field measurements of both AC and DC fields.

Benchtop or hand-held.

Our 5000 series combines the basics of gaussmeter technology with state-of-the-art miniaturization to provide a compact, accurate, easy-to-use meter.

F.W. Bell® Hall-effect sensors are solid-state components that provide a voltage output proportional to ambient magnetic flux density.

They can be used for a diverse number of applications.

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Key customers

The F.W. Bell® product line is used by engineers and scientists around the world.

We provide solutions for a diverse range of industries, including test and measurement, manufacturing, mass transportation, automotive, military, computer technology, space exploration/space satellites, aerospace, and more…

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