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Speed Probes for Aerospace Monitoring

An essential part of the engine control system that enables aircraft to take off and land every day. Speed sensors measure the speed, direction or position of the rotating engine shaft. With over 75 years experience, our magnetic speed sensors are trusted by engine OEMs around the world.

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Comprehensive range of speed probes

Over 60 designs are in service across a number of different applications with a typical mean time between failure (MTBF) of greater than 650,000 flight hours.

We are certified on a wide range of engine platforms including: LEAP, PurePower®, CFM56, BR725, Silvercrest and EJ200.

Meggitt speed probes

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Operate in extreme temperature environments

Our speed probes operate from -150 to +520°C (-238 to 968°F). Therefore they can mounted in locations throughout the engine or gearbox.

Meggitt’s engineering and research teams are pushing material science to the limit and are continuing to explore new high temperature materials for gas turbine engines. The team at MSS.

Basingstoke was part of the EU-funded research project called STARGATE (sensors towards advanced control and monitoring of gas turbine engines) that investigated a range of novel sensing techniques for the next generation of green and efficient gas turbines.

Key customers

Our customers include: CFMI, GE, Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney.

On the LEAP and PurePower® engines, our design expertise, combined with our low cost manufacturing capability, meant that we were the low risk option for this latest generation of engines.

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