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Mission critical electronics generate significant heat and require an efficient thermal management system. Our thermodynamic expertise ensures that we design and manufacture systems and components that are extremely reliable, even at extreme temperatures.

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For decades, we have developed innovative ways of shedding heat from military hardware.

Our rugged, affordable designs provide complete cooling solutions to crews, 战斗设备和电子产品.

From complete systems to individual components; from vapour cycle to air-to-air and air-to-liquid thermal transfer technologies, we specialise in thermal management for extreme environments.

Meggitt Defense Systems Inc. is a leader in the development, testing and production of Advanced Thermal Management Solutions for airborne and ground vehicle platforms.

Our solutions can be found on unmanned air systems (UAS), helicopters, militarised business jets and larger military transports.

We have been providing thermal management systems and solutions for over 40 years including supplying over 2,400 Thermal Management Systems (TMS) for the M1A2 Abrams Tank.

Our rugged, affordable, complete cooling solutions are being used on some of the most advanced Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV) and military personnel carriers in the world providing cooling to crews, 战斗设备和电子产品.

Our Laser Mine Detection Environmental Control System (ALMDS) provides a constant supply of regulated temperature fluid to helicopter-borne pod electronics.

The ALMDS provides up to 4.0 kW of cooling capacity, and is designed to maintain and control precise fluid temperatures over the entire spectrum of the helicopter harsh operating environment and is specifically designed to withstand the severe salt-water operational environment.

It consists of a high efficiency vapour cycle refrigeration cooling circuit and coolant re-circulation loop supplying temperature controlled coolant to the pod electronics cold plates.

A self-contained unit, the ACPS combines both auxiliary thermal management and auxiliary power capabilities for US and international M1 customers.

Tried and tested in one of the hottest deserts in the world, it runs off its own fuel tank and provides auxiliary power and cooling when the engine is shut down to support communication. It even provides a USB charging station for smart phones within the turret of the tank.

Variants of the ACPS have been proposed as a common APU for several US ground combat vehicles and international ground combat vehicles including the M2A3 Bradley, M1128 Stryker, the M109 and the British Army’s Warrior.

Meggitt’s lightweight, space-efficient thermal management system cools the avionics of the F-35 JSF fighter jet.

At the core of Meggitt’s solution lies an aerodynamically efficient cooling fan with or without a controller that is integrated into the fan housing. The housing is used as the heat sink for the controller’s heat-generating gate drives and electric motor to dissipate heat.

Therefore, removing the need for a more conventional and complex liquid-cooled solution to cool the fan controller.

Many years of experience producing high-performance pumps. Our design process considers all aspects of the application before forming an integrated solution resulting in maximum flow and pressure increase for a given volume and weight.

We have a wide variety of lubrication and cooling pumps on aerospace, land, and sea applications. Our pumps have been produced in a wide variety of configurations, ranging from gerotors to centrifugal pumps with various drives. Drive methods include the use of AC induction, brushless DC and direct shaft drive.

Our design expertise provides you with an integrated solution with:

  • maximum flow
  • maximum pressure increase
  • for a given volume and weight

Applications include: Apache AH-64, Osprey V-22, Eagle F-15, LCAC,
and aircraft navigation and targeting pods.

To see the complete range of thermal management solutions for defence, please visit our specialist site, www.meggittdefense.com

Key customers

Our Thermal Management System is fitted in the latest variant of the US Army M1 main battle tank, the M1A2SEP (produced as the M1A2 for several Foreign Military Sales contracts) and was retrofitted to over 2,000 of the US Army’s M1A2 fleet. The current variant the M1A2 SEP V3 is underway to upgrade over 500 more.

We are working with the US Army on studies for new, common cooling and power systems that can, with minimal modifications, be fitted to a variety of armoured vehicles, such as the M2 Bradley, M1128 Stryker, the M113 replacement, the Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle and Next Generation Ground Combat Vehicles.

At Meggitt, we can provide you with a thermal management solution that is specifically designed for your application. To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us.

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