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Machinery Protection & Condition Monitoring

Sustainable and reliable energy supply is critical to providing quality health services, education, transportation and communication. It is essential for improving living standards and economic growth. Our state-of-the-art sensing systems, monitoring solutions, data analytics and services ensure a continuous supply of energy around the world, 24/7.

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Machinery protection safeguards both assets and employees in the case of a major breakdown. It is complemented by condition-based monitoring that enables operators to:

  • avoid failures
  • optimise efficiency
  • extend generator and turbine life
  • prevent unscheduled outages
  • support predictive maintenance programs

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We keep the lights on!

Meggitt helps energy and power companies to supply their products to millions of people.

When you next turn on a light, watch TV, pick up your phone, take some medicine, refuel or recharge your car, the chances are that the products come from a plant that uses our Vibro-Meter® systems.

Our solutions enable safer and more efficient operation of critical machinery in power plants and oil & gas company assets. They allow protection and accurate condition monitoring, helping to avoid catastrophic failures and enabling cost-effective predictive maintenance.

Our services support customers and end-users through their project life-cycles.

Failure is not an option.

Complete sensor measurement chain

Sensing and monitoring solutions from the Vibro-Meter® product line are used in extreme environments to monitor almost every parameter. They provide detailed information on machinery operating conditions enabling enterprise-wide machine condition monitoring and supporting predictive maintenance planning.

We design and manufacture the complete sensor measurement chain:

  • High performance sensors
  • Monitoring and protection systems, such as the VM600 and VibroSmart®
  • Fast and user-friendly software – VibroSight® for enhanced data analysis

To see the range of sensing and monitoring systems, please visit our specialist site, meggittsensing.com/energy

Key customers

60+ years of sensor and system expertise means our solutions are trusted by original equipment manufacturers around the world. Many turbine manufacturers frequently recommend us as their most-trusted supplier.

Our integrated systems monitor thousands of rotating machines worldwide, including:

  • the largest steam turbine (1800 MW)
  • the most powerful gas turbine (530 MW)
  • the three largest hydropower plant installations

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