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Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring (wTPMS)

Our breakthrough long range wireless technology speeds up aircraft tyre pressure checks. Tyre pressure monitoring is an essential part of aircraft maintenance - it helps to prevent failure events caused by improper tyre inflation. Using a wireless system can help to extend tyre life, reduce human error and reduce weight - helping to reduce maintenance costs and increase flight safety.

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A leading provider of wheels, brakes and brake control systems.

We pioneered brake control systems on aircraft over 50 years ago and have since been investing in the development of market leading products such as state-of-the-art brake-by-wire systems (BBWS) and tyre pressure indicating systems (TPIS).

Find out more about iPRESS: A breakthrough wireless technology that speeds up tire pressure checks for retrofitting your aircraft HERE.

Wireless tyre pressure monitoring system

Our tyre pressure monitoring system can be used to ensure that line maintenance procedures are fully and accurately carried out to avoid the serious dangers associated with under-inflated tyres. At the same time, it will reduce the cost of maintenance associated with tyres exhibiting poor wear and tear after use at sub-optimal pressures.

Tyre pressure data is transmitted across the stationary axle to-rotational wheel interface using wireless technology, making the product lighter and more reliable than previous generation systems.

Bombardier was the first to select Meggitt’s next generation tyre pressure indicating system (TPIS) for its C-Series 110 to 130-seat narrow-body airliner and Global 7000 and 8000 business jets.

Textron Aviation is also working with Meggitt to develop a wireless tyre pressure monitoring system for their business jet aircraft. The state-of-the-art connected system eliminates the need for crawling underneath the airplane to check individual tyre pressures. Read about the latest contract award here.


For military or civil aerospace, to see the complete range of wheels, brakes and control systems, please visit our specialist site, www.meggitt-mabs.com.

To see the complete range of sensing systems, please visit our specialist site, www.meggittsensing.com.

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We are the No 1 supplier of wheels, brakes and brake control systems to the world’s business, regional and military aircraft.

We also have a substantial presence across large jets and in general aviation.

At Meggitt, we can provide you with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that is specifically designed for your application. To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us

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