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Wireless Aircraft Systems

Providing illumination and signage to enable passengers and crew to evacuate the aircraft in an emergency. WELS uses wireless Securanet intra-aircraft communication to save weight over wired systems by an estimated 52 pounds.

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Benefits include:

  • Easy reconfiguration- seats can be moved without changing control wiring
  • Transverse separation- emergency lights operate regardless of structural damage to aircraft
  • Maintainability- wireless reprogramming, health management diagnostics and LRU level replacement
  • Interchangeable controllers- identical wireless controllers are configurable to act as master, subordinate or remote units, minimizing part numbers for spares

Meggitt developed the first flight-essential wireless system and was awarded the ‘Aviation Week & Space Technologies’ Innovative Product of the Year Award in 2000. Responding to an FAA mandate that required rapid improvements to the monitoring of aircraft cargo holds for smoke and fires, we enabled operators to retrofit wireless smoke detectors overnight, without having to withdraw aircraft for lengthy implementation of invasive wired solutions.

Our wireless systems are now flying in over 1,500 aircraft, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

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